About Us

Transport company KS Trans was founded in year 2006 in Riga to carry inland trailer cargoes, but over time we developed. For now KS Trans’ transport capacity has increased fivefold and operational scale covers Central Europe, Baltic States and Russia (TIR and CEMT).

Over years we have specialised in partly trailer and two-temperature refrigerator carries. Every week we collect partial loads with two-temperature refrigerators (mostly +4C and -20C) from Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and the Czech Republic to Riga. On request we offer temperature listings during trip and euro pallet exchange, additionally we can also load pallets in refrigerator in two levels.

Likewise, different partial trailer cargoes are carried from Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Benelux, Italy, Slovakia, Slovenia, England, Spain, France, Turkey and Bulgaria to Riga. By using our distribution network, trailer cargoes can be stored in our Riga warehouse or delivered to other regions in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Certainly our work also implies full load transportation from Baltic States to Central Europe, from Europe to Baltic States and inside of Europe, for example, Poland-Germany, the Netherlands-Spain. Mostly we cooperate and look for loyal clients to provide regular freight service. Any issues are solved promptly; we stay resilient on daily basis and our transport company can be characterised by constantly staying open to new ideas.

All KS Trans trucks correspond to Euro 5 demands and are GPS traced. Trucks’ equipment, temperature control, delivery time and service level are KS Trans’ values which are being insured by European standard. We are inspired by vigorous clients and competitors; therefore we can be sure that KS Trans performs in its best possible way. And we will continue to do so.